My name is Zack Hanson and I live up in the Northwestern corner of Minnesota. This blog is about my life journey and how I am being shaped and formed. I am a Jesus follower who is learning and listening. I am also married to my best friend, Chelsie. We have three little girls Kylyn, Joslyn, and Blake who all keep us quite busy.

The idea behind the name of the blog: The unity tree. Unity among one another was important for the early church. They were hunted, tortured, and murdered for following the counter-cultural teachings of Jesus. They had to come together and care and lookout for one another.

The design for the tree is this: The tree trunk and roots represent Christ, the source of where our mission originates. The branches represent us, each as individuals. We all have a commonality in Jesus at the center. Then we have the these cogs in the tree. Every cog works independently of the others yet, can not function properly without the others. We must embrace unity and celebrate diversity.